No One Runs Faster Than a Bullet by Andrew Davie. Captivating and Inescapable!

No One Runs Faster Than a Bullet is 79 pages of hardboiled crime drama, set in Kansas City in the final years of Prohibition. A crew, including a former bootlegger, preacher, World War 1 veteran, Pinkerton Agent, barnstorming prizefighter, among others plan to steal gold deposits during the height of the Great Depression.

This book had me turning each page without stopping. There was a strong sense that the writer knew everything about the time in which this book is set – a huge amount of research and effort went into this novella, and for that, it deserves huge applause! Davie’s commendable research is evident through his writing style – his descriptions so beautifully fit the era. Crime drama has never been on the top of my list, but after reading this book I may begin to read more of this genre! Davie is a captivating writer – the characters he creates are intriguing enough to pull you right in and question every bit of detail about them. Once I finished reading, I immediately questioned how Davie was able to come up with such interesting characters: it felt to me as if he knew every single bit about them – from birth to death. I love books full of description – and this was no exception! An unsentimental voice in the violent story he tells, an enthralling thriller that has you struggling to breathe and on the edge of your seat. I had my heart in my mouth all the way through, wondering how on Earth he manages to write the way he does! Exceptional, brilliant, gorgeous, and never fails to disappoint or bore!

Intelligent, beautifully written, and definitely making you want to read more by him, this is for sure a 5* novella!

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